25 June, 2011

INSPIRE Award - Send your Innovative Ideas to or

INSPIRE Awards 2011-2012...
INSPIRE - Innovation of Science Pursuit for Inspire Research is one of the great innovative program which was proposed by the Dept. of Science and Technology. In order to seed and experience the joy of innovation, every year 2 lakh students in the age-group of 10 to 15 years i.e., 6th to 10th standards are being identified for the INSPIRE Award. Each INSPIRE Award envisions an investment of Rs.5,000 per student. The scheme plans to reach at least two students per secondary school during the next five years.
Basic Guidelines for INSPIRE Awards:
1.The Award for the students in the class of 6th to 10th Standards. No examination in the identification process. Names of the Students will be nominated by the Headmaster.
2.Each student will get an amount of Rs 5000 for making a Project and transportation cost

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