28 June, 2013

Inauguration of Model Schools in Prakasam District :: Change of Locations, Reported PGT's

PGTs reported to join duty schools wise i.e. Darsi-4, Mundlamuru-6, Mittameedapalli-4, Veerepalli-6, Chundi-4, G.Mekapadu-4, Kanigiri-2, Racherla-2, Mallikharjunapuram-4,  and Thimmareddypalem-2
   Out of 10 model Schools accommodation is readily available at four schools only.  In the remaining 6 schools temporary accommodation is proposed hereunder.

1. Santhinagar, Darsi - Model School Building
2. Mundlamuru  - ZPHS / New KGBV Building
3. Mittameedapalli, Markapur(M) - Model School Building
4. Thimmareddypalem, L Samudram(M) - ZPHS, L.Samudram
5. Chundi, VV palem(M) - BC Welfare Hostel, VV Palem
6. Racharla - Model School Building
7. Mallikharjunapuram, P.Dornala(M) - Model School Building
8. Veerepalli, Ulavapadu(M) - MRC Building
9. G.Mekapadu, Kandukur(M) - MPUPS, OV Road, Kandukur
10. Kanigiri - Model School Building

The Commissioner & Director of School Education issued instructions to keep the elder PGT as FAC Principal where regular Principal is not joined. It is submitted that Principal not joined in Model School, Racherla. Hence it is submitted for orders to keep Sri B.Venkateswarlu, PGT, Model School, Racherla as FAC Principal.

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