24 April, 2013

Agenda Items discussed in meeting conducted by DEO WITH MEO's & Dy.E.O's on 22.4.13

As per Rc.No.Spl/DEO/2013, Dt: 20-4-2013 of DEO, Prakasam Meeting with MEO's, Dy.E.O's in the district on 22-4-2013 the following items were discussed.

1. List of `0` enrolment schools with post sanction/working/vacant/ available accomdation also updated bank account pass books of such schools.

2. List of schools with 1 - 10 enrolment  with post sanction/working/vacant details and reasons for less enrolment and names of nearby schools with distance and enrolment/post sanction details of nearby schools

3. Category wise vacancy position of teachers.

4. Information about un-authorised absent teachers.

5. Information of the teachers appointed with Rs.398/- pay from the years 1990 to 1996 in the cadre of SGT/LPT/PET.

6. Recognised/Un recognised schools lists in the prescribed proforma already communicated along with copies of notices served to un recognised schools.

7. Complete information on rationalisation with enrolment as on 30-9-2012 and teachers position as on 30-4-2013.

8. Pending Monthly reports/Expenditure particulars/Opening balances of rice school wise as on 1-4-2013 in respect of MDM scheme.

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