07 May, 2012

Training for Engg.Passouts @ Swecha Office,Hyd

The fifteen days summer-camp fee is 2500/-
                  The subjects are
                    1. Making of computer suite.
                           How to install, use and customize the linux operating system on our system.
                    2. Software carpentry.
                           Programming concepts in python and shell scripting.
                    3. Web Development.
                           Design websites using Drupal and django.
                    4. Networking.
                           Grid computing and c;luster computing.
                    5. Mobile Computing.
                           Making of applications to the android mobiles and alternatives in prospective of free software.
                    6. Multimedia.
                           Making videos and using gimp and inskscape.             

                    These are the topics to deal in the overall 15 days camp and lot off seminars, group discussions will be held.
       The syllabus was designed by the IIT,IISC and IIIT professors.
       These subjects will be deal by the IT industry members.

For these 15 days Organisation will provide accommodation and food also.

contact: , mobile: 9490098018 

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