30 December, 2011

G.O. Ms. No 169, Dated:29/12/2011 :: Adoption of NCERT books from 2013-14 onwards in AP for VIII th to INTER

School Education Department – SCERT, A.P., Hyderabad – Curriculum and Textbook Development – Adoption of NCERT Textbooks and Capacity Building of Teachers and subject specific resource groups – Permission Accorded - Orders - Issued
i) Permission to adapt NCERT Mathematics and Science Textbooks for the classes VIII, IX& X and introduce during 2013 and 2014.
ii) Permit to introduce single English Language Textbooks for both Telugu, English and all other media students for all classes starting from Class – I and adopt NCERT English Textbooks from Class – VIII to X
iii) Permit to develop State specific Social Studies Textbooks duly representing local Geography, History and Economy by adopting Social and Political Life and Economics from NCERT Textbooks
iv) Permit to adapt first Language NCERT Hindi books for first Language Hindi students in A.P.
v) Permit to organize Teacher training on a large scale by involving National Level experts and institutions. Develop State and District specific resource groups with younger talent in various School subjects
vi) Permit to take the services of the teachers into resource groups on long term basis duly providing a qualified Vidya Volunteer or extra teacher in their place and attach them to the institutions like SCERT and DIETs, Permit to raise the remuneration in terms of Honorarium to the experts and Textbooks writers
vii) SCERT may be permitted to send a team of experts to the nearby States like Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, CIET and NGOs to study the ICT School Curriculum

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