21 January, 2018


This software needs only the employee id of treasury salaries and any manual bills of the employee those were not included in online salaries. those bills have to be manually entered and for the present and past dates the software will take all data from online salary details page. since the no of inputs of the employee particulars are reduced to minimum extent, the preparation of the IT Statements for a bunch of employees belong to an organisation becomes so easy.
Also this software is useful for any employee of state govt of AP,TS those who were having online salaries through treasury department of AP and TS.
One more fetching of this software is, 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16 IT statements can be prepared with this single software programme.
Also the software is ” NOT PASSWORD PROTECTED”. so if any employee have some issues with this software, any part of the software is editable as per your requirements.
One more additive of the software is information section. All related information regarding Income Tax Rules of India was included in the last pages of the software. So this is useful to clear your doubts yourself.

Step by Step Instructions to use this Software:

* First click on Salary Statement link "1" above.
* Type your Treasury ID in the box provided and click on Excel Report, then your Salary Statement will be downloaded.
* To open the Downloaded document click on "2" above.
* Microsoft Excel will be opened. Click menu & Click open.
* Select Downloads in left pane and Go to a box at bottom right and change "All Excel Files" to "All Files".
* Click on Date modified Tab on top.
* Select the first .php document named as "index" (or) Search for a .php Docmuent named as index and click on open button below.
* Click on Screen and Select all data by pressing ctrl+A, Press ctrl+C.
* Now open the Software and click on "3" above to open index page.
* If there is any previous data in index page, Select all data and press "Delete" button to delete all text in index page.
* Now select "Cell A1" and press ctrl+V to (if any dialog box appear press "yes") paste all data copied into cell A1.


* Now click on the link @ right top "CLICK HERE TO GO TO DATA PAGE"
* Now the cell J14, an yellow coloured cell which is automatically selected and select a Financial year you need.
* There will be a Caution appeared in H14 cell to select a number in I17 cell. Do as per the Caution.
* Go to AE14 cell and unclick select all and click on the same financial year you already selected @ J14.
* Now you can go to input your data @ top of page required to prepare your documents.

* During inputs of Savings and Deductions No entry will be selected for more than one time.
* If any month's salary was drawn through arrear bill, enter those amounts in arrear bills column.

* After giving all inputs you are ready to take prints.
* You can take prints of previous, current and next financial years to estimate your tax during every beginning of financial year. 

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